Making Believe on Paper by Ted Demille. Fiction Writing with Young
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Making Believe on Paper
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Making Believe on Paper

Fiction Writing with Young Children

By Ted Demille
Foreword by Nancie Atwell

Little kids delight in telling tales—of talking animals, princesses, or good triumphing over evil. You can turn that enthusiasm into high-quality writing instruction, and Ted shows what a magical and instructive first experience fiction is for young writers.

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Full Description

Making Believe on Paper presents primary-grade educators with the opportunity to learn from an extraordinary classroom teacher about how and why to invite and invest in make-believe.
—Nancie Atwell
Author of In the Middle
Little kids delight in telling tall tales—of talking animals, princesses, or good triumphing over evil. Can you turn their enthusiasm for fiction into high-quality writing instruction? Absolutely, says Ted DeMille—and he has the classroom processes and student writing samples to back it up. In Making Believe on Paper, Ted shows what a magical and instructive first writing experience fiction can be for primary-aged children.
Making Believe on Paper presents hands-on strategies and the tools you’ll need to help young children create fully formed, beautifully illustrated, and powerful pieces of fiction. With Ted’s help, you’ll guide students from inspiration to finished pieces as you:
  • develop children’s knowledge of fiction’s components through author study and read-alouds
  • use drawing to shape students' ideas, then help them make the transition to writing
  • encourage high-quality writing through mentor texts
  • give kids a chance to put it all together by writing fairy tales.
You’ll cherish Making Believe on Paper for its charm, gentle wit, and effective teaching. You’ll appreciate how children’s innate creativity can nudge them toward independence. You’ll see a roadmap for the amazing progress young writers can make through student samples both in the book and in full color on its accompanying website. In short, you’ll turn to Making Believe on Paper time and again for ideas and strategies that work.
Let students’ wonderful stories inspire you. Read Making Believe on Paper and trust Ted DeMille to help you turn students’ excitement for telling tales into engaging, lasting writing instruction.



1. Teaching Children to Write Fiction

2. Paving the Way with Reading Aloud, Storytelling, and Art Instruction

3. Choosing and Using Mentor Texts

4. Sophia and Avery Write Like Kevin Henkes

5. Apprenticing with Arnold Lobel

6. Introducing Fairy Tales

7. Helping Ella Write a Fairy Tale

8. Max Writes a Sophisticated Fairy Tale



Companion Resources

Chapter by chapter color student and teacher drawing and writing samples:

Templates/Reproducibles for the Author Study Lessons