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Playing with Poems

Word Study Lessons for Shared Reading, K-2

Zoë has stocked this practical classroom resource with 44 original poems carefully crafted to capitalize on children’s love of rhythm and rhyme for teaching word study concepts. She also provides lessons that help children internalize them.


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Full Description

The ideas presented here are incredibly practical, easily implemented, and highly effective.
—Kathy Collins
Author of Growing Readers
Why aren’t there more good poems for use in shared reading? Poems that address key curricular goals while making the most of young children’s love of rhythm and rhyme? Now, thanks to Zoë Ryder White, there are. She’s stocked Playing with Poems with lessons built around 44 brand-new, original poems written precisely for word study.
Only a teacher could write both poems filled with word study concepts and lessons that help children internalize them. Through a shared reading framework, White presents word study lessons that target literacy foundations such as:
  • concepts about print
  • rhythm and rhyme
  • sight words
  • spelling patterns
  • vocabulary.
Playing with Poems is a lot of fun for children, and it’s packed with helpful features for you. Its lessons are carefully sequenced to lead students from beginning concepts to more complex ones. Special navigation charts help you match lessons to areas of need. And Playing with Poems even provides great ideas for writing your own shared reading poems and for collecting them from outside sources.
Finally, you’ll never need to worry again about tracking down poems that work for word study. Just pick up Playing with Poems. You’ll get years’ worth of poems perfect for shared reading. And best of all you’ll have powerful lessons designed to make the most of them. Only from the pen of a teacher.

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