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Tools and Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K-8

By Jo Anne Vasquez
Foreword by Page Keeley

Discover what top-notch, learning-centered teaching looks like in science and how to help students move from competence to excellence. This research-based book shows teachers how to make powerful and effective practices part of their regular science instruction.


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Full Description

A must-have for every elementary science teacher striving to be highly effective and for every support person addressing the needs of science teachers.
—Linda Froschauer
NSTA President 2006–2007
This important book helps us understand the details of effective science instruction in the elementary grades. Our job is to learn from this work and use it as we prepare future teachers and support current teachers as they collaborate to become effective elementary science teachers.
—George D. Nelson
Director, Science Mathematics and Technology Education,
Western Washington University
At last, we have a comprehensive resource that can help teachers, administrators, and anyone who deeply cares about the science learning of our children... help elementary teachers become both “highly qualified” and “highly effective” teachers of science.
—Page Keeley
Senior Science Program Director,
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance
What does top-notch, learning-centered teaching look like in science? To move from competence to excellence, what should teachers know and be able to do? Tools & Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K–8 answers those questions and shows you how to make powerful practices part of your science instruction.
Even if you have little formal training or background knowledge in science, Tools & Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K–8 pulls together cognitive and educational research to present an indispensable framework for science in the elementary and middle grades. You’ll discover teaching that increases students’ engagement and makes them enthusiastic participants in their own science learning.
Tools & Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K–8 answers vital and frequently asked questions:
  • How do you structure inquiry-oriented lessons?
  • What assessment probes and seamless formative assessments work best?
  • What is integration and what is it not?
  • How can literacy be powerfully linked to science learning?
  • How do you manage activity-based learning?
  • How do you provide science for students with various abilities. language proficiencies, and special needs?
Its practical, proven, and research-based advice helps you understand what strong science teaching looks like and gives you the repertoire of skills you need to implement it in your classroom.
The National Science Education Standards say that “everyone deserves to share in the excitement and personal fulfillment that can come from understanding and learning about the natural world.” Whether you are reassessing your own teaching or examining it in light of state and federal science-education mandates, Tools & Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching, K–8 will make a difference in your teaching and in your students’ lives.

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