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Getting Grammar

150 New Ways to Teach an Old Subject

By Donna Topping, Sandra Hoffman
Foreword by Shelley Harwayne

Getting Grammar is a new take on an old-fashioned subject—a slim, practical guide with 150 ideas for teaching parts of speech and sentence structure and ways to adapt lessons for students whose home language isn’t English.


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    Getting Grammar is a book chock full of inviting ways to share grammar information with students. But it is so much more.
    –Shelley Harwayne

Getting Grammar is a new take on an old–fashioned subject–a slim, practical guide with more than 150 fresh ideas for addressing parts of speech and sentence structure, from teaching it, to learning it, to adapting it for students whose home language isn’t English.

Because of its accessibility and practicality, you’ll keep Getting Grammar close at hand because it’s a ready reference for your own grammar questions and a treasure trove of teaching ideas. Whether you are a veteran teacher, a new teacher, or a preservice teacher, Donna Hooker Topping and Sandra Josephs Hoffman offer plenty of information and lessons you can use in the classroom right away, including:

  • a quick review of the grammatical concepts you’ll be teaching
  • more than 150 engaging ways to teach it through authentic literature, writing, movement, games, music, art, even drama
  • smart advice for supporting English learners as they encounter grammar in a new language
  • assessment tips and tools.

In addition Getting Grammar includes information about the grammar of other languages that can help you evaluate students’ proficiency with English syntax and assist them in transitioning from the familiar word order and usage rules of their first language to those of English.

Grammar is a vitally important subject to understand for reading and writing, and it’s now a part of many state and national assessment tests. Give students a fresh, fun way to explore grammar, teach with Getting Grammar and find out how exciting grammar can be.

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