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Engaging Adolescent Learners

A Guide for Content-Area Teachers

By ReLeah Lent
Foreword by Brian Cambourne

Both a practical resource and an ideal tool for professional development, ReLeah Cossett Lent’s book invites you to assess and change your learning, your practice, and your beliefs about key aspects of student motivation.


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Full Description

    Steeped in research and chock-full of learning ideas with titles to support instruction, Engaging Adolescent Learners is a must-have for principals, teachers, and staff developers.
    —Cris Tovani, Author of I Read It, But I Don’t Get It
    Engagement is the missing link to all student learning, and Releah Lent has nailed it. A compelling, moral, practical, exciting book whose ideas are immediately ready for use. Devour this book, put the ideas into effect and reap the benefits.
    —Michale Fullan, Author of Leading in a Culture of Change
In an educational environment fraught with federal and state mandates, high-stakes testing, overcrowded classrooms, and dense curriculum, taking the time to engage every student in learning might seem impossible. Yet, not only is it possible, it’s doable and in every discipline—with the right learning conditions in place. In this groundbreaking new book, Releah Lent describes these conditions and what they look like in practice.

Engaging Adolescent Learners is both a practical resource and an ideal tool for professional development. Using Brian Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning as her framework, Lent invites you to assess your learning, your practice, and your beliefs about key aspects of student motivation:

  • Does the amount of responsibility you extend to students match your expectations for them?
  • Do you offer adolescents supportive feedback?
  • Do you give students sufficient opportunities to use their newfound knowledge and skills?
Then Lent offers specific suggestions for tailoring your classroom practices to the motivational needs of each and every learner. She provides resources such as example activities for your classroom, study-group questions for ongoing professional reflection, and ideas for action research and coaching to improve your understanding of engagement.

Examine what it means to engage young adults in their learning and find out what classrooms with engaged students look, sound, and feel like. Let Releah Lent help you transform your classrooms into places where students have the freedom to satisfy their natural inclination to explore. With Engaging Adolescent Learners at your side, you’ll have everything you need to help even the most reluctant students find a way to learn that works for them.

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