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Papers, Papers, Papers

An English Teacher's Survival Guide

By Carol Jago

*With advice gleaned from grading 45,000 papers, Carol will help you get through stacks of essays accurately, give each the time it deserves, and avoid paper-load burnout.

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You're reading as fast as you can, but the pile of unread essays grows taller and taller. Guilt mounts. Students want to know when their papers will come back. Grading begins consuming all your energy, your weekends, your life.

Grading papers is a fact of life, especially in English classrooms, and the paper load is a leading cause of teacher burnout. Fortunately, Carol Jago's here to help, and in Papers, Papers, Papers, she offers you advice honed from thirty-one years in the English classroom and forty-five thousand papers worth of grading. You'll not only get through stacks of papers, but you'll do so accurately, completely, and with the time you need to give each and every student in your classes the attention they deserve.

Ever practical and always professional, Jago suggests techniques that can be implemented right away to turn your mountain of essays into a foothill. She covers every aspect of attentive grading, including:

  • responding to student drafts
  • commenting rather than correcting
  • using scoring guides and rubrics for common expectations
  • fostering improvement from one paper to the next
  • effective peer- and self-editing
  • suggestions for alternatives to essays.

With all this and her Ten Tips for Handling the Paper Load, Carol Jago gives you everything you need to keep on top of student papers.

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Introduction: Don't Let the Papers Get You Down

  1. Comment Rather Than Correct
    Level 1: Identify Mechanical Errors
    Level 2: Rephrase and Revise for Clarity and Style
    Level 3: Comment on Content
  2. Using Scoring Guides and Rubrics
    Response to Literature Rubric
    Persuasive Writing Rubric
    Informative Writing Scoring Guide
  3. Leave It to Machines!
    A Brief History of Computer Scoring
    Classroom Tools for Online Scoring
    Educators' Concerns
    My Reader Is a Computer
  4. Misery Loves Company
    Grading Parties
    Large-Scale Scoring Sessions Versus Remote Readings
    With Confidence Comes Speed
  5. Peer Assessment and Self-Assessment
    Pairing Peers for Guided Response
    Self-Assessment Strategies
    The Sweet Sixteen
  6. Alternatives to Essays
    Expert Group Reports
    Research Without the Papers
    Responses in Verse
    Motivating Students
    Lives on the Boundary
  7. Uncommon Sense for Handling the Paper Load
    Do Teacher Comments Matter?
    Responding to Student Drafts
    Fostering Improvement From One Paper to the Next
    Husbanding Your Strength
    Ten Tips for Handling the Paper Load
    The Writing Process Revisited
  8. One Hand for the Ship, One Hand for Yourself


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