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Now I Get It

Strategies for Building Confident and Competent Mathematicians, K-6

By Susan O'Connell

Increase your repertoire of instructional strategies as well as the tools and resources you need to make them work effectively. This book offers all the research and theory you need to provide best-practice mathematics instruction.

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Good teaching is the critical factor that helps students "get" math. Thanks to Susan O'Connell, you can provide top-notch mathematics instruction—even if you've never felt comfortable teaching it before. With Now I Get It, you'll increase your repertoire of instructional strategies as well as receive the information, reflective tools, and resources you need to make them work effectively.

As she did in her popular Introduction to Problem Solving, O'Connell provides a practical guide to teaching math for understanding and clarity, only this time moving one step further to provide a complete picture of elementary math instruction. She presents advice and insight about:

  • what a teacher's role is during math time
  • how to actively engage your students in mathematical thinking, and how to know when they are connecting with math concepts or may require further support
  • how to teach both computational skills and mathematical thinking skills
  • how to use problem solving, cooperative projects, writing assignments, and real-life examples to stimulate and maintain interest
  • how to incorporate math talk and vocabulary into your lessons.

But Now I Get It is much more than a book of teaching ideas. Aligned to the NCTM standards and filled with smart ideas about helping students reach mandated testing benchmarks, it also offers all the research and theory you need to provide best-practice instruction. Also included are reflection questions to stimulate professional growth and an accompanying CD that bolsters your teaching with more than one hundred pages of reproducible lists, charts, activities, and rubrics, some of which can be modified to fit your specific classroom needs.

Help children make mathematics an integral part of how they live in and appreciate their world. Read Now I Get It, and find new ways to make your math instruction more effective and more exciting for yourself and your students.

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I. Balancing the Math Program–Concepts, Skills, and Applications
1. Problem Solving as the Focus of Math Instruction
2. Helping Students Understand Basic Facts and Computations
3. Developing Math Concepts Through Manipulatives
4. Using Children’s Literature to Teach Mathematics in Context
II. Refining Understanding Through Communication
5. Guiding Understanding Through Teacher Talk
6. Developing the Language of Math
7. Students Talking to Students–The Role of Cooperative Learning
8. Writing About Mathematical Understanding
III. Supporting and Enhancing Instruction
9. Reaching Out to All Students Through Differentiated Instruction
10. The Role of Technology in Enhancing Teaching and Learning
11. Maximizing Parent Involvement


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