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Whats After Assessment?/Follow-up Instructions for Phonics, Fluency andComprehension

Follow-Up Instruction for Phonics, Fluency, and Comprehension

By Kathleen Strickland

Kathleen helps you match your assessments to instruction that develops children’s abilities to use semantic, syntactic, and graphic strategies and to build comprehension skills. Ideal for differentiating instruction and for RTI.


This title is printed on demand and is nonreturnable. Please allow 1 week for printing.

List Price: $38.47

Web/School Price: $28.85


Full Description

If you're like many teachers, you may have successfully assessed the strengths and needs of your struggling readers, but the wide array of reading activities in teaching manuals leaves you asking yourself: Now what?

In What's After Assessment?, Kathleen Strickland provides a comprehensive instructional resource that will help you select the strategies that best match your students' needs. With emphases on engaging kids in the process of improving their own reading and on differentiated teaching, Strickland shows you how to develop children's abilities to use semantic, syntactic, and graphic strategies to help them build a variety of meaning-making skills.

Working with the latest research, Strickland provides you with:
  • a detailed "If...Then" chart that explicitly matches reading needs to instructional possibilities
  • more than 100 classroom-tested, developmentally appropriate activities that really work because they help students read strategically
  • 26 reproducibles to help you implement specific strategies
  • smart advice on topics like grouping, helping readers take ownership of their learning, and helping readers choose appropriate books.

Stop struggling with instruction for developing readers, and think strategically. Read What's After Assessment? and get your students doing the activities of reading, not just doing reading activities.

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