Writing, 20th Anniversary Ed by Donald H Graves. Teachers & Children
Writing, 20th Anniversary Ed

Writing, 20th Anniversary Ed

Teachers & Children at Work

By Donald H Graves

"Children still want to write—if we let them. These words are just as true now as they were twenty years ago," writes Graves. A touchstone for all writing and literacy teaching, Writing establishes the crucial, reflexive relationship between reading and writing.

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Full Description

Twenty years after Don Graves first guided you to new, more effective, and more professionally satisfying practices, Heinemann celebrates his continuing influence with a special Twentieth-Anniversary Edition of Writing, the book that revolutionized writing instruction.

"Children still want to write—if we let them. These words are just as true now as they were twenty years ago," writes the master educator-researcher. In his new preface to his landmark book, Graves deepens your understanding of Writing's importance as he assesses its impact. Also new to this edition is an afterword by Mary Ellen Giacobbe who recounts not only the transformation that Graves' research made in her classroom, but also his ongoing influence on her own literacy research.

And, of course, there's the classic text itself, a touchstone for all writing and literacy teaching. Writing establishes the crucial, reflexive relationship between reading and writing. Plus it gives you the tools you need to incorporate writing into your daily lesson planning by taking you inside real classrooms to watch as children work with their teachers to build literacy skills. Filled with inspiring, straightforward prose and backed by extensive classroom research, Writing not only launched an education revolution, it also began a twenty-year mentorship between Graves and hundreds of thousands of teachers looking for ways to improve their practice and their students' education.

For 20 years Don Graves has guided you in developing a lifelong love of writing and reading in your students. Now join Heinemann in celebrating his lasting achievement with Writing: Teachers & Children at Work, Twentieth-Anniversary Edition.


I. Start to Teach Writing
1. Learn the Twin Crafts of Writing and Teaching
2. Survive Day One
3. Help Children Choose Topics
4. Organize the Classroom for Writing
5. Write with the Children
6. Publish Writing in the Classroom
7. Surround the Children with Literature
8. Make the School Day Encourage Writing
9. Answers to the Toughest Question Teachers Ask About Writing
II. Make the Writing Conference Work
10. Help Children Speak First
11. Ask Questions That Teach Us
12. Work with Children at Different Draft Stages
13. Answers to the Toughest Questions Teachers Ask About Conferences
III. Help Children Learn the Skills They Need
14. How to Revise for Meaning
15. How to Listen for Voice
16. How to Keep Handwriting in Perspective
17. How to Spell to Communicate
18. How to Help Children Catch Up
19. How to Help Children with Special Problems of Potential
IV. Understand How Children Develop as Writers
20. See the Writing Process Develop
21. See Writers Develop
22. Make Development Clear
23. Keep Development in Perspective
24. Accept the Extremes of Change
25. Adjust to the Changing Writer
V. Document Children's Writing Development
26. Observe How Your Children Develop as Writers
27. Record Each Child's Development
28. Share the Children's Development with Administrators and Parents

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