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Textured Teaching (Audiobook)

A Framework for Culturally Sustaining Practices

Heinemann Audiobooks presents this abridged audiobook of Textured Teaching  by Lorena Escoto Germán.
Narrated By:  Lorena Escoto Germán
Run Time: 04:25
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Full Description

“Be prepared to be embraced with words, images, stories, examples, experiences, and a love for teaching in community with young people toward social and cultural justice.”—Django Paris

As middle and high school teachers, we know that students begin to develop racial identities and ideologies as early as preschool.  By the time they reach us, there is much socializing and learning that needs to be undone.  Textured Teaching is a way to seamlessly embed the social justice work that is needed to undo; to begin to make things right. 

With Culturally Sustaining Practice as its foundation, Textured Teaching helps secondary teachers in any school setting stop wondering and guessing how to implement teaching and learning that leads to social justice.  Lorena shares her framework for creating a classroom environment that is highly rigorous and engaging, and that reflects the core traits of Textured Teaching: student-driven, community centered, interdisciplinary, experiential, and flexible.  Throughout the book, Lorena shares lesson design strategies that build traditional literacy skills while supporting students in developing their social justice skills at the same time. The actionable strategies Lorena uses to bring Textured Teaching values to life illuminate what is possible when we welcome all types of texts, all types of voices, and all forms of expression into the classroom.