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The Curious Classroom (Audiobook)

By Harvey Smokey Daniels

Heinemann Audiobooks presents this abridged audiobook of The Curious Classroom by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels. 
Narrated By: Harvey "Smokey" Daniels
Run Time: 06:08:00
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Full Description

Curious about inquiry? Hundreds of thousands of elementary teachers are. Smokey Daniels travels the country supporting well planned and organized inquiry teaching, and he gets these two questions most often:

  • Where do I find the time?
  • What are some simple ways I can try with my kids?

The Curious Classroom answers these questions. It shares a ladder of 10 inquiry structures. Begin with briefly modeling your own curiosity or start on a higher rung as you gradually move toward units driven by kids’ own questions.

Ever wonder how to get students genuinely engaged in your curriculum? Or wish you could let them explore those amazing questions they brim with? If so, Smokey provides research-based suggestions that help cover the curriculum by connecting what kids wonder about to the wonders you have to teach them. He shares 10 structures, 34 inspiring models from teachers nationwide, and specific suggestions for assessment and grading.

Just getting started with inquiry? Looking for your own next step in student-driven inquiry? Or do you just want new teaching ideas to try? Listen to The Curious Classroom. “By the end of this audiobook,” writes Smokey Daniels, “I hope you will say two things:

  • I never knew my kids were capable of working at this level; and 
  • This is the most fun I have ever had in my teaching life.”

Be sure to check out the study guide, complete with infographics, Tanny McGregor’s chapter-by-chapter sketchnotes, and space for you to interact with the book.