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Learning to Learn in a Second Language

Learning to Learn in a Second Language

By Pauline Gibbons

Pauline Gibbons presents the theories behind second language development along with a range of strategies and practical tips for cultivating a responsive classroom where ESLs can thrive.

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    [This] is a readable resource book which elementary bilingual teachers will find both insightful and practical.

Children from language backgrounds other than English represent a quarter of all our school population. Learning to Learn in a Second Language has been written specifically for all teachers of children for whom English is a second language, although it will be equally helpful to teachers of English speaking children.

The book is based on the assumption that the classroom program is a major resource for language development, and that a responsive program takes into account the fact that children are not only learning a new language, but that they are learning in that language as well. It exemplifies current theories of second language development through a wide range of strategies and practical suggestions for the classroom teacher.

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Bilingual Children and the Language of the School
2. Planning for a Language for Learning
3.An Interactive Clasroom: Developing Spoken Language
4. Assessing Spoken Language
5. Integrating New-Arrival Children in the Classroom
6. The Mother Tongue in the Classroom
7. Reading in a Second Language
8. Learning to Listen and Getting the Sounds Right
9. The Writing Program
10. A Whole School Response