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Consulting Authors

Bring our experts to you for short or long-term consulting, coaching, or online keynote presentations.
Heinemann consulting authors are internationally noted educators skilled at virtual and in-person delivery of leading-edge thinking on the topics that matter now in teaching and learning. Whether you seek an inspiring keynote speaker, or one hour, one day, or multiple days of custom-designed professional support, there is a Heinemann consulting author to meet your specific needs. Our PD Services specialists make the process of selecting and hiring one of our consulting authors simple.

Karen Caine, Consulting Author

Karen Caine is the author of Writing to Persuade: Minilessons to Help Students Plan, Draft, and Revise and a writing workshop consultant who works with upper elementary, middle, and high school teachers from across the country. Karen taught for 15 years New...

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Arlène Casimir, Consulting Author

Arlène Elizabeth Casimir (@ArleneCasimir) is a Brooklyn-based activist, educator, herbalist, healer, and writer. Her experience teaching middle school and elementary school in New York City and New Orleans awakened her purpose of drawing on culturally-sustaining...

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Gianna Cassetta, Consulting Author

Gianna Cassetta is coauthor of Classroom Management Matters: The Social and Emotional Learning Approach That Children Deserve ; No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices ; and, The Caring Teacher: Strategies...

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Jocelyn Chadwick, Consulting Author

Jocelyn A. Chadwick has been an English teacher for over thirty years—beginning at Irving High School in Texas and later moving on to the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she was a professor for nine years and still guest lectures. Chadwick also...

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Brittany Collins, Consulting Author

Brittany Collins is an author, educator, and curriculum designer dedicated to supporting teacher and student social and emotional wellbeing, especially in times of adversity. Her work explores the impacts of grief, loss, and trauma in the school system, as well as how...

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M. Colleen Cruz, Consulting Author

M. Colleen Cruz is a fierce advocate for the students and teachers with whom she shares her passion for accessibility, twenty-first-century learning, and social justice. An educator with more than two decades of experience in both general education and inclusive...

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Sunday Cummins, Consulting Author

Author and consultant Sunday Cummins   is an expert in reading instruction with informational sources. As author of several professional books, including her latest release, Nurturing Informed Thinking: Reading, Talking, and Writing Across Content-Area Sources ,...

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