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Live PD Webinars Presented by Jennifer Serravallo

Jennifer Serravallo is a literacy consultant, speaker, and the author of several popular titles, including the bestselling The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book. These two PD Webinar Series, designed for K–8 educators, are scheduled at consecutive times on the same days allowing participants to enroll in both, if they wish.

The Reading Strategies Webinar

March 20, April 24, and May 1
Live with Jennifer Serravallo 3:00–4:00 pm EST
Spring 2019 Series Enrollment Opening Soon!

The Reading Strategies Book

In The Reading Strategies Book, Jen collects 300 strategies in support of thirteen reading goals with each strategy cross-linked to skills, genres, and reading levels. Ideal for use with reading workshop, Daily 5/CAFE, guided reading, balanced reading, a core reading program, or any other approach.

Webinar Series Detail Coming Soon!

The Writing Strategies Webinar

March 20, April 24, and May 1
Live with Jennifer Serravallo 4:15–5:15 pm EST

The Writing Strategies Book

Whether you use Writing Workshop, 6+1 Traits, Daily 5’s “Work on Writing,” a scripted writing program, the writing exercises in your basal, or any other approach, you’ll discover a treasure chest of ways to work with whole classes, small groups, or individual writers in Jen’s The Writing Strategies Book.

In this webinar series, participants will... more>>

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