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The Writing Minilessons Books

Your Ultimate Guide to Developing Creativity and Confidence in Young Writers

Discover the joy of teaching writing with The Writing Minilessons Books. These unique resources, packed with hundreds of ready-to-use minilessons, offer a pathway to creativity and confidence in young writers.


Each book harnesses the power of writing minilessons to:

  • create a learning community with a shared language of writing
  • ignite student engagement through an inquiry-based approach
  • connect lessons to engaging mentor texts from reading instruction

Elevate your teaching expertise in writing while enhancing students' literacy skills. The Writing Minilessons Books are not just a tool but a gift of joyful, meaningful learning experiences for every child, every day.

Resources for Writing Minilessons

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Nurturing Young Authors: The 4 Pillars of the Writing Process
Every time a writer starts writing, they embark on a unique journey - one filled with contemplation, creativity, and the pleasure of storytelling. This journey, filled with challenges and discoveries, comprises distinct phases that authors often revisit.

The Power of Writing Minilessons
Writing is more than a way for students to express their thoughts. It's an essential part of any comprehensive approach to literacy learning. It serves as a powerful tool that enables learners to understand their experiences, make sense of the world, and communicate with various audiences in different contexts.

What are Writing Minilessons?
Writing minilessons are brief, focused, explicit lessons that help children understand and apply the characteristics of effective writing and nurture their ability to write with purpose, imagination, and voice.