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Response & Analysis, Second Edition

Teaching Literature in Secondary School

Robert E Probst, Georgia State University, Professor Emeritus of English Education

ISBN 978-0-325-00716-8 / 0-325-00716-0 / 2004 / 320pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: 7th - 12th
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In this fully updated second edition of Response and Analysis, Robert Probst leads you to fresh methods that build lifelong lovers of reading by opening your literature classroom to the power of student-driven interpretation and analysis. The second edition is chocked full of everything you need to plan and build a curriculum that initiates interpretative and critical conversations with and among your students while exposing them to a variety of genres-conversations that encourage students to be active, enthusiastic readers. Probst's updates and revisions speak directly to today's busy teacher, offering:

  • a clear, coherent rationale for a more humane approach to literature teaching
  • workshop activities that encourage adolescents to formulate articulate responses to texts, and that fit neatly into your existing curriculum
  • extensive new suggestions for testing and evaluation in a standards-based education environment, complete with a variety of assessment rubrics and tools
  • fresh ideas for utilizing television and film to bolster print literacy and make students more critically astute viewers
  • a fully revised and updated discussion of contemporary young adult literature, including new examples, a compendium of online and print YAL resources, and a bibliography of the latest research and professional writing on the subject.

Teachers who have long trusted Probst's techniques for engaging student readers will be excited to find that Response and Analysis, Second Edition invites them into a new dialogue about teaching literature, while new readers will discover how this comprehensive guide uses best-practice literature instruction to help teens make the most of the magical moments they share with authors.

1. Three Readers Reading: Theoretical Foundations
2. The Reader and the Text
3. The Reader and Other Readers
4. The Text and Other Texts
5. The Nature of the Genres
6. Literature for Young Adults
7. Visual Literacy
8. The Literature Curriculum
9. Evaluation and Testing

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