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Assessing Writers

Carl Anderson

ISBN 978-0-325-00581-2 / 0-325-00581-8 / 2005 / 272pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: 3rd - 8th
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When it comes to writing assessment, there's no better judge of what your students know and are able to do than you. And when it comes to advice on best practices for assessment, there's no better source than Carl Anderson's Assessing Writers. Like he did in the popular and highly acclaimed How's It Going?, Anderson offers smart, ready-to-use ideas for assessment. Assessing Writers offers practical methods for gathering information about every writer in your classroom and shows you how to create writing lessons that address the needs of individual students as well as the whole class.

Anderson's straightforward approach helps you imagine an ongoing assessment program that takes you from meeting new students to designing curriculum. In Assessing Writers you'll find out:

  • what you need to know about students to assess them as writers
  • how to uncover and make sense of this information
  • how to make an individualized plan for each student
  • how to use these plans when you confer
  • how to structure units of study to meet classroom-wide needs.

Let Carl Anderson be your guide as you place assessment at the center of writing instruction. With a wealth of smart suggestions, useful charts, reproducible rubrics, and activities for professional reflection, Assessing Writers gives you powerful tools that make assessment simple and effective.


  • Why Assess?
  • Getting Started: Developing an Assessment Lens
  • Assessing Students as Initiators of Writing
  • Assessing How Well Students Write
  • Assessing Students' Writing Processes
  • Linking Assessment and Instruction: Designing Individual Learning Plans for Students
  • Linking Assessment and Instruction: Conferring
  • Linking Assessment and Instruction: Designing Units of Study


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