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For a Better World
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For a Better World

Reading and Writing for Social Action

By Randy Bomer, Katherine Bomer

Bringing critical literacy into reading and writing workshops, Randy and Katherine present a vision of curriculum where students read with social ideas in mind and write to make the world a better place.

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With For a Better World, Randy and Katherine Bomer present a new vision of curriculum—one that invites students to read with important social ideas in mind and write with the purpose of making the world a better place. Developed in years of classroom experience with diverse children, the book will help more experienced teachers take the next step in their professional growth, while providing newer teachers with a picture of how the largest purposes in democratic education connect to the details of teaching.

A unique, reader-friendly guide for bringing critical literacy into reading and writing workshops, For a Better World demonstrates how to:

  • support students' writing for public purposes and connect their personal writing to important social issues
  • facilitate more meaningful talk in the classroom
  • develop students' language and concepts for discussing significant social and political ideas in response to literature
  • help students inquire into the daily politics of classroom life
  • integrate social studies, writing, and literature in experiential, inquiry-based ways
  • assure that all students have access to a rich and meaningful education for social justice.


1. Back to Basics
2. Justice in So Many Words
3. Critical Conversations in Reading
4. Democracy Beyond Words
5. Managing Vulnerability
6. Democratic Classrooms
7. Noticing the World
8. Collaboration and Craft
9. Teachers as Political Agents
10. Breaking the Silence


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