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A Fresh Look at Writing

Donald H Graves, Emeritus, University of New Hampshire

ISBN 978-0-435-08824-8 / 0-435-08824-6 / 1994 / 432pp / Paperback
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Grade Level: K - 5th
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    An excellent, comprehensive look at writing and how to teach it so that students will want to write forever.
    —Writing Teacher

In an era when teachers struggle for quality time with their students, Donald Graves introduces a text that creates lifetime writers as well as responsible learners--a text that focuses on teaching that lasts.

A Fresh Look at Writing is Graves's most comprehensive book yet. In it, he expands on many of his earlier approaches, examining portfolios, record keeping, methods for teaching conventions, spelling, and a rich range of genre including fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. He demonstrates how to bring writing into your own life and experience the joys of the craft along with the students.

"Actions," glossed objectives appearing throughout the book, provide new ways to understand yourself and reach your students. With them, Graves helps you profit from your own history as learner, listen to children more effectively, discover their potential, yet expect more from them.

A Fresh Look at Writing is a true resource for professionals who want the latest ideas on the teaching of writing, as well as for preservice teachers about to step into the classroom for the first time.

The accompanying Professional's Guide assists those who want to build a writing or language arts course around the text. It features a detailed, week-by-week description of fourteen sessions, including guidelines for background preparation in writing; reading and working with children; classroom demonstration; and journal reflection. In addition, the guide shows how A Fresh Look at Writing can be used as a supplement to reading courses, research studies, summer courses, and workshops.

To learn more about Donald Graves, visit www.donaldgraves.org.


I. Make a Fresh Start
Consider Your Roots
2. Learn from the Children
3. Why Would Anyone Ever Want to Write?
Day One: Help Children to Write and Keep Writing
5. Understand Children When They Write
6. Expect More of Your Writers

II. Establish the Essentials for Child Responsibility
Conditions for Effective Writing
8. Begin to Organize Your Classroom
9. Help Children to Share Their Writing
Evaluate Your Own Classroom
11. Experiment with Portfolios

III. Teach the Fundamentals of Writing
Help Children Learn Conventions
Help Children to Read Their Own Work
Help Children to Revise Their Work
15. How to Keep Handwriting in Perspective
Spell to Communicate
Answers to Frequent Questions Teachers Ask About Teaching Writing

IV. Broaden the Children's Repertoire for Writing
Help Children Read and Write Fiction
Show the Children How to Write Nonfiction
Uncover the World Through Poetry

V. Continue to Learn with Others
Work with Parents and Administrators
22. Live the Professional Life

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An excellent, comprehensive look at writing and how to teach it so that students will want to write forever.