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The Journal Book

For Teachers in Technical and Professional Programs

Edited by Toby Fulwiler, The University of Vermont, Edited by Susan Gardner, Westminster College
Foreword by Art Young

ISBN 978-0-86709-453-4 / 0-86709-453-2 / 1998 / 184pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: College - College
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With the publication of The Journal Book in 1987, Toby Fulwiler revealed how journal writing can unleash the inquisitive and imaginative minds of English students. Now, as the writing-across-the-curriculum movement gains momentum, Susan Gardner and Toby Fulwiler extend the same high-quality guidance to teachers in technical and professional programs.

The Journal Book for Teachers in Technical and Professional Programs is the first collection of essays to focus on uses of journal writing outside the field of liberal arts, representing disciplines such as accounting, computer science, engineering, nursing, and teacher education. Readers will discover new strategies for building confident learners, including:

    traditional and electronic journals, letters, freewrites, focused freewrites, and electronic conferences
  • writing that is kept confidential, or shared only with teachers, or only with teammates, or with all class members
  • writing that generates a written response, or an oral response, or no formal response at all.
Readers will see how these teachers assign such writing, why they assign it, the problems they face, the adjustments they make, the successes they have. And they will see numerous examples of students writing and surprising themselves and their teachers.

Introduction: To Use or Not to Use: Journals in Technical and Professional Courses, S. Gardner
1. Journals in Medical Education: Experience of a First-Year Class, J. Ashbury, B. Fletcher & R. Birtwhistle
2. Connecting Classroom and Clinical Experience: Journal Writing in Nursing, A. Dobie & G. Poirrier
3. Developing a Professional Identity with Journal Reading and Writing: The Advanced Composition Course for Nursing, Social Work, and Pharmacy Students, S. Balkema
4. Encouraging Active Learning: Adding a Journal to Engineering Lecture Courses, D. Hirt
5. Designing Conversations: The Journal in an Engineering Design Class, J. Greenstein & B. Daniell
6. Using Journals in Computer Science Courses: Helping Students Connect, B. Othmer & T. Scott
7. Electronic Journals: Encouraging Reflection in Preservice Teachers, M. & K. Vogt
8. Writing Letters Instead of Journals in a Teacher Education Course, J. Danielewicz
9. Tech Journals: Electronic Journal Keeping for the Technical Writing Classroom, G. Pagnucci
10. Traditional or Electronic: Using Dialogue Journals for the First Time in Accounting Classes, A. Rogers & J. Vanos
11. Confronting Issues: Criminal Justice Students and Journal Writing, M. Heward & G. Dohrer
12. Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion: Journals in a Legal Assistant Program, K. De Hill
13. Assessing Journals in the Disciplines: An Inductive Inquiry, K. Yancey & B. Huot
Afterword: When Journals Don't Work, T. Fulwiler

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