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Inquiry Illuminated

Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey, et al.

Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis provide a structure for inquiry that's predictable, proven, and—most importantly—authentic. With their help you'll:

  • create irresistible investigations in science, history and social studies, or language arts
  • increase students’ independence and agency by gradually releasing responsibility for inquiry
  • effectively integrate literacy and content through strategies for comprehension and critical thinking.
Nurturing Informed Thinking

Sunday Cummins

Practical help for teaching students in Grades 3-8 to read, talk, and write across content-area sources.
The Civil War and Reconstruction

Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey

Building on selections from popular children's magazines as well as original articles, these engaging, age-appropriate texts will keep your active literacy classroom awash in historical resources that depict the controversies, issues, and dramas that shaped historical events, including the exploits of lesser-known individuals.
Westward Expansion

Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey

60 nonfiction texts, 200+ images, 25 primary sources, and 10 lessons that build background knowledge. You'll help kids understand and draw connections between primary sources so they can create skillful arguments about the era.
The American Revolution and Constitution

Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey


Harvey "Smokey" Daniels, Sara K. Ahmed

Welcome to Sara Ahmed’s classroom. With Smokey as your guide you’ll see how she uses inquiry to turn required curriculum into amazingly engaging units that provide the complexity the standards demand while turning students from bystanders into Upstanders.
Smarter Charts for Math, Science, and Social Studies

Kristine Mraz, Marjorie Martinelli

Learn how to make learning visible with truly effective content-area charts that support student engagement and independence. You’ll turn complex ideas into kid-friendly visuals, help children internalize content processes, and even increase your instructional time.
Colonial Times

Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

Systems to Transform Your Classroom and School

Nancie Atwell

Nancie and her colleagues at the Center for Teaching and Learning have created a culture of deep engagement and excellence. Find out how they’ve combined smart, research-supported practices and rich community-building traditions to create an effective atmosphere for learning.
Social Studies That Sticks

Laurel Schmidt

Social Studies That Sticks will transform social studies time by introducing a brain-compatible approach to integrated, standards-based instruction, using the four elements of the human learning cycle: awareness, exploration, inquiry, and action.
In Pursuit of Freedom

William Kashatus

Connecting Children with Children, Past and Present

Eula W Fresch

History in the Present Tense

Jan Maher, Doug Selwyn

Social Studies Excursions, K–3

Janet E Alleman, Arlene M Brophy

History Makers

Myra Zarnowski

Teaching State History

Ava L McCall, Thelma Ristow

Teaching State History shows teachers how to plan a state unit using a culturally relevant, social constructivist pedagogy with connections to literacy, a focus on multicultural teaching, and compliance with state and national standards.
Seeing the Whole Through Social Studies

Tarry Lindquist

Past, Present & Personal

William Kashatus

Social Studies Excursions, K-3

Janet E Alleman, Arlene M Brophy


Robert Stevens

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