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Not This, But That

"By the end of each book in this series you will understand both what not to and what to do to improve student learning."
-Nell Duke and M. Colleen Cruz, Series Editors

Much like the diet phenomenon Eat This Not That, this series aims to replace some common,... more

We Got This.
Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be
Grade: K-12th
Pub Date: 11/6/2018

“That’s the problem with you, Minor” a student huffed. “You want to make everything about reading or math. It’s not always about that. At school, you guys do everything except listen to me. Y’all want to use your essays and vocabulary words to save my future, but none of y’all know anything about saving my now.

In We Got This Cornelius... more

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But Why Does It Work?
Mathematical Argument in the Elementary Classroom
Grade: K-5th
Pub Date: 4/4/2017

If you ask students, "Why does that work?" do they know what you're asking and do you know what to listen for in their responses? Do you have images of what mathematical argument looks like in the elementary grades and how to help students learn to engage in this important practice? Do you have so much content to cover that finding time for this kind of work is difficult?... more

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Poems Are Not Just Poems

In this video, Amy VanDerwater explains that if we are able to harness a love of poetry and use it as a way to demonstrate writing techniques across genres, students gain a better understanding of writing overall.... more
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