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Units of Study in Reading Mystery unit and TCRWP Library shelves bundle grade 3

By Lucy Calkins, Norah Mallaney, Shana Frazin

This bundle pairs the Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise unit with both the On Benchmark and Below Benchmark Mystery TCRWP Classroom Library Shelves.


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Mysteries are the perfect vehicle for teaching foundational skills that lie at the heart of engaged reading, and the Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise, Grade 3 unit will push kids to infer—to notice clues and to wonder more about them; to consider how part of one chapter relates back to what was learned in an earlier chapter; and to wonder when characters are really telling the truth. The paired Classroom Library Shelves support the Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise unit and give children a chance to learn and practice envisioning, predicting, monitoring for sense, retelling, summarizing, and synthesizing. 

This bundle includes:

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