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Teacher Pack for The Primary Comprehension Toolkit, Second Edition Updated

Grades K-2

Elevate your students' understanding of nonfiction with The Primary Comprehension Toolkit. This resource is brimming with ready-to-use lessons that seamlessly integrate into any curriculum or instructional approach: whole class, intervention, small group, and beyond.

Deepen comprehension across the content areas and develop critical thinking with strategies for connecting, questioning, inferring, summarizing, and more. The Primary Toolkit Teacher Pack offers all you need for your classroom, helping to nurture lifelong learners and thinkers.


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Full Description

Uncover the Power of Nonfiction with The Primary Comprehension Toolkit

The Primary Comprehension Toolkit stands out with its sharp focus on nonfiction texts, presenting a wealth of strategies and lessons to empower students to engage with, understand, and learn from informational texts. The Toolkit helps students navigate informational text, connect new ideas to what they already know, ask incisive questions, make inferences, and identify and synthesize important ideas.

A Multifaceted Resource

This resource can seamlessly integrate into your literacy block or supplement content area instruction, including social studies and science. Whether for whole class instruction, ELL support, small group work, intervention, or summer school, The Comprehension Toolkit adapts to fit your instructional needs. 

The Heart of The Comprehension Toolkit

At the core of this series are comprehension-strategy lesson books structured around essential comprehension strategies. Each lesson is ready-to-go, offering explicit teaching moves and language and a flexible lesson frame adaptable to any curriculum. These practices are crafted to foster strategic thinking, deepen comprehension, and steer away from traditional “assign and correct” curriculums. The lessons in The Comprehension Toolkit address one of six foundational comprehension strategies:

  1. Monitor Comprehension shares ways readers keep track of their thinking and monitor their understanding as they read.
  2. Activate & Connect alerts students to the impact background knowledge has on their learning and supports them to connect the new to the known. 
  3. Ask Questions highlights how readers can use questions to clarify unfamiliar ideas and discover new information
  4. Infer & Visualize teaches students how to use context clues and text evidence to draw conclusions about and crack open the new concepts and big ideas in a text.
  5. Determine Importance helps students identify, organize, and share the important ideas and information in a text.
  6. Summarize & Synthesize encourages students to go beyond the simple restating of facts, to pull together their thinking and use all the strategies to understand big ideas.

Teacher Pack Contents

The Primary Toolkit Teacher Pack provides all the nonfiction reading strategies and resources you need for your primary classroom. It includes:

  • The Primary Comprehension Toolkit Lesson Books
  • The Primary Comprehension Toolkit Trade Book Pack
  • The Primary Trade Book Pack for Content Literacy
  • Inquiry Illuminated: Researcher's Workshop Across the Curriculum
  • Comprehension Intervention: Small Group Lessons for The Primary Comprehension Toolkit
  • Scaffolding The Primary Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners
  • Connecting Comprehension & Technology
  • Toolkit Texts: Grades PreK-1
  • Toolkit Texts: Grades 2-3
  • Toolkit Texts: Grades 4-5

With The Comprehension Toolkit, you’re nurturing the critical thinkers, the innovators, and the lifelong learners of tomorrow. Equip your students not just with reading skills, but with the tools they need to comprehend, analyze, and connect their learning to the real world.

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