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Math in Practice Administrator Pack

By Susan O'Connell, John SanGiovanni

The Math in Practice Administrator Pack includes two books: A Guide for Administrators and A Guide for Teachers.


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The Math in Practice Series
Full Description

The Math in Practice Administrator Pack includes two books: A Guide for Administrators and A Guide for Teachers

A Guide for Administrators looks at the shift in math education through the eyes of math coaches, school principals, and district administrators. This book was written specifically with leaders in mind--to support them as they endeavor to improve the teaching and learning of math throughout their school and district. In concert with the Guide for Teachers, you'll find support for topics such as:

  • understanding what to look for in effective math classrooms
  • helping parents understand how their child is learning math
  • developing consistent approaches to intervention, differentiation, and assessment.

A Guide for Teachers is the linchpin of the entire series. It lays out key instructional ideas and approaches, providing a foundation for the accompanying grade-level books. Throughout the Guide for Teachers, you'll find what standards and research say about these topics, extensive support for effectively incorporating these strategies into your everyday instruction, and opportunities to reflect on your teaching. Explore instructional strategies such as.

  • asking questions that stimulate student thinking
  • exploring math concepts through modeling
  • using formative assessment to guide instruction.

Math in Practice is a comprehensive, grade-by-grade professional learning resource designed to fit with any math curriculum you are using. It identifies the big ideas of both math content and math teaching, unpacking key instructional strategies and detailing why those strategies are so powerful.

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A Guide for Administrators


What Constitutes an Outstanding Math Program?

How to Get There: This Book and Math in Practice

Chapter 1 Leading a Math Program

  • Who Leads the Math Program?
  • Leading for Change
  • The Big Decisions

Chapter 2 Gathering Insights About Math Teaching Through Observation

  • How Do You Know a Good Math Lesson When You See It?
  • How Can We Support Teachers to Meet These Expectations?

Chapter 3 Analyzing Data and Student Work to Gain Insights

  • About Teaching and Learning
  • Analyzing Testing Data
  • Analyzing Students’ Work

Chapter 4 Professional Learning to Enhance Math Teaching and Learning

  • Characteristics of High-Quality Professional Learning
  • Exploring Professional Learning Options
  • Planning for Professional Learning

Chapter 5 Parents as Partners

  • What Parents Need to Hear from Us
  • How We Can Help: Fostering Parent Relationships
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Resources for Parent Programs

In Depth

This book is about the teaching of mathematics to students in kindergarten. It does not focus solely on the content taught in kindergarten, because we recognize that math is about more than content. Our students are challenged to be able to use their math skills and knowledge, to be mathematical thinkers. It is not a book providing scripted lessons, because we recognize that the teaching of mathematics is not about reading scripts, but about listening to our students, making decisions, and having options for ways to support their math learning. It is not a book of activities, because we know that you can find activities everywhere, but rather a book filled with strong lesson ideas that are based on research-informed instructional strategies that can be modified to meet your students’ needs. It is about providing you with options that allow you to choose effective teaching strategies and identify tasks that link to the standards expected of your kindergarten students.

This book is more about the teaching of students than the teaching of content. It addresses ways to engage students, help them visualize math ideas, support them as they solve problems, help them make connections and develop insights, build their confidence in math, and learn to love mathematics. Students who think mathematically, reason and solve problems, understand the way numbers work, and have a positive disposition about math have truly met today’s expectations. This book is about helping each of our students develop those skills.

— From the Introduction



“These materials are like Reading Strategies for math! My only complaint: Where was this when I was a classroom teacher?”

—Jennifer Serravallo, author of The Reading Strategies Book

“What a wonderful resource! Sue has written a great primer on what we need to know and be able to do in our elementary classrooms to be far more effective teachers of mathematics. What more could a teacher of K-5 math ask for?”

—Steve Leinwand, American Institutes for Research, author of Accessible Mathematics

“The pages of Math in Practice ring with a student-centered, teacher-empowering heart. Sue, as a friendly and knowledgeable mentor, models differentiated approaches for truly understanding key grade-level mathematical concepts. You then leave each section feeling empowered to do the same for students.”

—Chris Lehman, Founding Director of The Education Collaborative, coauthor of Falling in Love with Close Reading

“What a resource! The tone of each module in every grade-level book is helpful, supportive, and should make any teacher feel it was written for them. They are that helpful.”

—Francis (Skip) Fennell, L. Stanley Bowlsbey Professor of Education Emeritus, McDaniel College, Past President of NCTM


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