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Accessible Assessment

How 9 Sensible Techniques Can Power Data-Driven Reading Instruction

By Michael F Opitz, Michael P Ford, James A Erekson

“Data-driven instruction” is the new watchword. But teachers don’t have time to collect data that isn’t absolutely essential. Opitz, Ford, and Erekson help you simplify instruction by only counting what the research says really counts.

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Count on the assessment that only counts what really counts

With these nine sensible, essential assessments, teachers can gather all the data they need. We share these assessments and show teachers how to use them across a school year for maximum instructional effect Michael Opitz, Michael Ford, and James Erekson

“Data-driven instruction” is a new education watchword. But today teachers don’t have time to collect data about readers that isn’t absolutely essential. Accessible Assessment simplifies reading instruction by only counting what really counts.

Accessible Assessment isn’t like many of today’s complex, time-consuming assessment programs. It combines nine informal techniques into a manageable, calendarized framework that makes sense and drives highly targeted, differentiated instruction. Opitz, Ford, and Erekson help teachers:

  • measure only what matters most
  • assess with the confidence that comes from a strong research base
  • increase consistency and organization across school years, grades, and buildings
  • implement predictable assessment structures flexibly
  • plan short-, medium-, and long-range instructional goals.

Accessible Assessment can make a big difference for individual teachers, but it’s even more powerful for teaching teams or entire buildings. It can bring a new level of coherence to any crucial assessment task, including:

  • screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostics for RTI
  • assessing for key reading standards (including Common Core)
  • sharing information with colleagues, administrators, and parents.

Make assessment count more than ever by counting only what really counts. Count on Accessible Assessment.

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Teacher/blogger Mrs. V loves Accessible Assessment!

“The more I read, the more I loved it and recognized the value of the resource for a range of scenarios: higher education coursework, mentoring, teaching, summer literacy camps, etc…. I will be recommending the text to the director at the school where I taught the last three years and to my department for inclusion in courses.”

Read the whole review.

“Very useful tool for elementary or reading teachers. The assessments cover broad domains, yet specific and formative. Virtually no prep work. Everything you need is included from actual assessments, scoring forms, to background, scoring, and follow up instruction suggestions. Assessments can be easily adapted to fit your needs. Quick and efficient to administer. I am using mine regularly.” Mea Magaro, May 6, 2012

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