Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms (DVD) by Harvey "Smokey"
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Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms (DVD)
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Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms (DVD)

New Strategies for Comprehension and Collaboration

By Harvey "Smokey" Daniels, Stephanie Harvey

This live-from-the-classroom DVD companionsto Comprehension & Collaboration invites you to eavesdrop as student-led teams pose questions, undertake research, read strategically, build knowledge, understand, and act.

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This product is part of the series:  The Comprehension Toolkit Series

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Full Description

In small groups, we are smarter. In well-structured groups, we leverage each other’s thinking. We learn more not just because we all bring different pieces of the puzzle, but because, through talk, we can actually make new and better meaning together.
—Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels

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This much-anticipated DVD companion to Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels’ best-selling book, Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action, uses compelling video footage to show inquiry circles in action in primary and intermediate classrooms.

This live-from-the-classroom DVD invites you to eavesdrop as student-led teams pose questions, undertake research, read strategically, build knowledge, understand, and act. You will see teachers teaching students the specific comprehension and collaboration strategies they need to operate effectively in structured, responsible teams. And, you’ll hear firsthand from teachers in primary and intermediate classrooms who are teaching the curriculum, addressing kids’ needs, and meeting the standards in a progressive, student-centered way.

With a special emphasis on how to organize and manage well-structured cross-curricular projects, this instructional DVD shows you how to:

  • engage students as you unleash their curiosity across the curriculum
  • teach your curriculum and meet standards the inquiry way.

Let Steph and Smokey guide you through classrooms that burst with energy, excitement, and achievement. Watch as kids embrace responsibility and take on the heavy lifting of learning. The Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms DVD is a professional development resource for teachers in grades K–5. Teachers in grades 6–12 should use the companion DVD Inquiry Circles in Middle and High School Classrooms.


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For a new, downloadable viewing guide to the Inquiry Circles DVD that matches the revised edition of Comprehension & Collaboration, please click here.

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