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Assessment Live!

10 Real-Time Ways for Kids to Show What They Know--and Meet the Standards

By Nancy Steineke
Foreword by Ellin Oliver Keene

Nancy’s handbook for highly structured, productive assessment activities shows how to balance your assessments by incorporating performance projects into the curriculum. She outlines 10 live assessments that personalize learning and help students show what they know.


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"Traditional assessments often reveal very little about students' thinking. Nancy describes how activities that engage students in complex, multifaceted demonstrations of learning can transfer the responsibility to students to reveal the quality of their thinking while seamlessly helping them learn the content more deeply and lastingly." —Ellin Oliver Keene

“There’s an old saying that school is a place where young people go to watch old people work. Live assessments offer us a way to turn this backwards arrangement around. Live assessments reinforce vital subject matter while expanding kids’ preparation and performance skills. They honor the learning goals you’ve set for your students while also reflecting the standards your state has mandated. They are rigorous yet offer students the opportunity for flexibility, creativity, and innovation. By now you should have one question left: How do I get started?” —Nancy Steineke

Listen to a podcast of Nancy discussing Assessment Live! with Harvey "Smokey" Daniels.

Acclaimed author and educator Nancy Steineke offers the definitive how-to handbook for implementing highly structured and productive assessment activities. Building on her 32 years of classroom experience, Nancy shows teachers how to balance their approach to assessment and easily incorporate performance projects into their curriculum. After chronicling the research and rationale behind live assessments, Nancy describes strategies that teachers can use to foster a supportive classroom culture where assessment activities and presentation skills flourish. The chapters that follow outline ten specific live assessments that can be used to personalize learning and help your students show what they know. Each chapter presents:

  • the rationale for the activity
  • lists of the reading, writing, and speaking/listening standards skills students will apply
  • step-by-step support including samples of student work, tips for troubleshooting predictable problems, and strategies for adapting and modifying activities
  • rubrics, scoring sheets, and other reproducibles for students

Use Assessment Alive! and find out what your students really know.

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