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Seminar ImagePrimary Comprehension Toolkit for K-2

Based on the PD resource, The Primary Comprehension Toolkit, Second Edition: Language and Lessons for K-2
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-2


Developed by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have adapted the strategy instruction made famous in Strategies That Work and The Comprehension Toolkit to meet the developmental needs of our youngest readers. The Primary Comprehension Toolkit launches students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 into the exciting world of nonfiction reading, writing, and thinking.

Young students arrive at school ready to engage and eager to learn. The Primary Comprehension Toolkit gives teachers the guidance they need to hook their eager learners with the essential components and strategies of an active literacy classroom.

This course familiarizes teachers with the resource's components, including 6 strategy books, a teacher's guide, a DVD-ROM of electronic resources, a source book of short text, and a lesson text poster pack. Teachers explore the 22 lessons/practices and six strategy books at the core of The Primary Comprehension Toolkit, which are organized around fundamental comprehension strategies and designed for instruction with large groups, small groups, guided reading, and individual conferences. Video footage of Harvey and Goudvis teaching lessons provides a powerful example for teachers. Teachers will see the moves and hear the language that bring alive an active literacy classroom and guides students in their acquisition of the reading, writing, and thinking skills needed to enjoy and comprehend the amazing world of non-fiction.

The Primary Comprehension Toolkit builds on young students' natural curiosity and gives them the tools they need to negotiate informational text, think about what they're reading, and hold their thinking so they can understand and remember it—and use it to guide new learning.

Course Goals:

  • Increase teachers' understanding of how they can help their students get more from their reading.
  • Explore ways in which the ideas and models in The Comprehension Toolkit can be used as a resource in a classroom.
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