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Interactive Read-Aloud

Experience whole-group literacy that does more. Build background knowledge with topic-based text sets in Interactive Read-Aloud (PreK-6).

Expand comprehension, vocabulary, and promote the joy of reading with 840 of the very best, grade-appropriate trade books for PreK-6.

With our diverse and thematic text sets, students don’t just hear stories—they engage with them. They learn to think critically about text, to connect with diverse characters and settings, and to express their understandings in purposeful classroom discussions. Interactive Read-Aloud takes whole-group literacy further with texts sets curated around a connecting idea, central theme, subject, or study of a particular author, illustrator, or genre.

What are the benefits of Interactive Read-Aloud?

  • Boosts comprehension and vocabulary
  • Builds knowledge on important topics and themes through carefully curated text sets
  • Increases student engagement around reading and writing
  • Encourages deeper thinking and deeper learning through student discussion
  • Extends learning with purposeful writing activities and inquiry projects

Interactive Read-Aloud Collection is organized into 25 text sets that reflect a global perspective with a diversity of characters, settings, and topics. Each text set contains four to six high-quality picture books with engaging illustrations that represent a variety of authors and illustrators, topics, genres, themes, and text structures. Each set of texts has been carefully curated around a connecting idea, central theme, subject, or study of a particular author, illustrator, or genre.

Features of Interactive Read-Aloud:

  • 840 hand-selected trade books, including hundreds of award winners
  • 25 text sets per grade and 4-6 books per text set
  • Easy to teach and prep lessons
  • Embedded professional development
  • Purposeful prompts for whole-group discussion about the text
  • Lesson Folders per every text
  • Inquiry Overview Cards per every text set
  • Genre Study Cards per every
  • Writing activities per each lesson
  • Inquiry-based projects per every text set

Interactive Read-Aloud
Grades: PreK-6

What do educators say about Interactive Read-Aloud?

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