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Image of Jill  Neumayer DePiper

Jill Neumayer DePiper

Jill Neumayer DePiper is a Senior Research Associate at Education Development Center (EDC) in Waltham, MA and the coauthor of Mathematical Thinking and Communication. Her focus is mathematics learning and teaching, and identifying strategies to support the academic success of English Learners.

She is currently contributing to initiatives targeted to deepen mathematics teachers’ understanding of effective instructional practices for students who are English learners. She is a senior research associate on Visual Access to Mathematics (VAM), a project focused on designing professional development for mathematics teachers of English learners to support them in their use of visual representations for mathematical problem-solving and specific language strategies to support their students.

Before joining EDC, Jill served as a researcher and instructor in the Center for Mathematics Education at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has provided professional development for teachers, including courses specifically focused on instruction for English learners. She was also a recipient of the the Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning doctoral fellowship, an NSF-funded award to increase the number of graduate students who become leaders in mathematics education.

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