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Image of Janet L.  Steinberg

Janet L. Steinberg

Janet Steinberg was a teacher and a data specialist in the Bronx before joining the Project as a data specialist and staff developer. She has a deep interest in using data to support instruction, and in finding principled ways to respond to the pressures around us without losing our way in the dark. She has special expertise in content-area literacies, especially in history, in Teacher Effectiveness work, in supporting high-needs students, and in using a knowledge of high-stakes assessments to allow us to be in a position to influence policy. That position of influence comes, in part, from achieving on measures that others deem important, and Janet has a laser-like focus on doing that, while holding tight to the principles and the rigor and authenticity of reading and writing workshop instruction.

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Email if you would like to contact Janet L. Steinberg directly about professional development support.