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Transition to Algebra

"To be successful with algebra, students must be able to shift their focus from the numbers themselves to reasoning about the operations on those numbers… students need targeted supports if they are to successfully cross the bridge from arithmetic to algebra."

– June Mark, E. Paul Goldenberg, Mary Fries, Jane M. Kang, and Tracy Cordner
– Authors of the Transition to Algebra series

Support your struggling algebra students with EDC's research-based Transition to Algebra

Developed by the Education Development Center (EDC), Transition to Algebra is a supplemental program that uses logic puzzles, problems, and explorations to support students who are struggling in algebra by shifting their ways of thinking from the concrete procedures of arithmetic to the abstract reasoning that algebra requires.

Think about your algebra students. How many are highly successful?

How many…
      …struggle to pass and will require remediation?
      …pass but won't move on to more advanced math?
      …pass but will continue to struggle with advanced math?

Transition to Algebra helps struggling students understand algebra, not just pass it.