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Transition to Algebra

"Many students disconnect mathematics from common sense. Transition to Algebra uses explorations, problems, and puzzles to build the logic of algebra to help students make sense of what they are learning."

– June Mark, E. Paul Goldenberg, Mary Fries, Jane M. Kang, and Tracy Cordner

Research shows that success in algebra:

  • opens doors to more advanced math
  • is a predictor of eventual graduation
  • acts as a gateway to a bachelor's degree
  • is linked to job readiness and higher earning once the student enters the workforce.

Yet, numerous studies establish that as many as 40% of students need to retake algebra to achieve proficiency. Simply reteaching the same content the same way is not effective, but Transition to Algebra is.

Designed by EDC (Education Development Center, Inc.), an international non-profit research and development organization with extensive mathematics curriculum experience, and funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, Transition to Algebra (TTA) uses algebraic logic puzzles and explorations to help students shift their ways of thinking from the concrete procedures of arithmetic to the abstract reasoning that success with algebra requires.