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Watch Katie and Matt . . . Sit Down and Teach Up eBook

Two Master Teachers Review Their Thinking as They Confer with Beginning Writers

Katie Wood Ray, Matt Glover

ISBN 978-0-325-04451-4 / 0-325-04451-1 / 2011 / 205pp / eDoc
Imprint: Heinemann
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"We’ve used the video in this ebook in workshops around the country and time and again teachers have asked to have access to it for closer study in their own professional development."
—Katie Wood Ray and Matt Glover

Now, for the first time, Katie and Matt open up their thinking in authentic side-by-side classroom conferences with preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade writers. Watch Katie and Matt…Sit Down and Teach Up is a video-enhanced ebook featuring PD video from Katie and Matt’s personal collection, plus the notes, forms, and charts that reveal their teaching methods. Choose how deeply you’d like to explore Katie and Matt’s thought processes with three levels of access:

  • One: Simply read the introduction to each conference, watch the video, and reflect on it on your own with the help of a Conference Response form.
  • Two: Walk through Katie and Matt’s thinking process by watching the video in segments and reading the extensive notes they’ve provided.
  • Three: Click on highlighted phrases and read Katie and Matt’s more general insights about conferring relating to the specifics of each conference as it unfolds.

See for yourself the challenging practice of individualizing instruction for beginning writers at different stages of development and benefit from strategies developed by Katie and Matt is this groundbreaking professional ebook resource that seamlessly links text and video.

IntroductionFrequently Asked Questions
Conference OneKatie and William and a Book About a Dog
Conference TwoKatie and William and Another Book About
a Dog
Conference ThreeMatt and Isabella and an Alphabet Book
About Animals
Conference FourKatie and Thomas and a Book About Bakugan
Conference FiveMatt and Daytona and a Book About Princesses
Conference SixKatie and Laurel and a Book About Baby Horses
Conference SevenMatt and Anthony and a Book About Castles
Conference EightKatie and Amanda Caroline and a Book About
a Baby Brother
Conference NineMatt and Medhee and a Book About Eels and
Other Sea Animals
Conference TenKatie and Haley and a Book About Guinea Pigs
Conference ElevenMatt and Miguel and a Book About Sharks
Conference TwelveKatie and Amanda and a Book About a
Big Brother
Conference ThirteenMatt and Mitchel and a Book About Iguanas
Conference FourteenKatie and Eric and a Book About Mutants
Conference FifteenMatt and Juan and a Book About a Friend

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“When watching the videos, you witness firsthand the impact of wise teaching decisions. The young writers grow and change before your eyes, and you feel like you are inside the classroom learning alongside Katie, Matt, and their protégés. This book portrays the essence of teaching with integrity. Every page and every conference is overflowing with insights and strategies our professional community has come to value in responsive, rigorous teaching.”
—Heidi Mills, Language Arts, July 2012
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