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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

This book challenges the conventions that undergird the academic study of literature. Where literary scholars' method separates the book from its readership, Creative Writing explores how different kinds of texts were interpreted, used, and recomposed in real-life political discourse. Where social historians often disparage the study of literature as an elitist occupation, Peterson demonstrates how ordinary people used texts to act creatively in their own world.

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This product is part of the series:  The Social History of Africa Series

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Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction: Texts and Contexts
Colonialism and Comparative Religion in Gikuyuland
The Word in Translation: Generational Politics after the First World War
Making and Unmaking the Gikuyu: Imagined Community and Local History in the 1920s
Writing Gikuyu: The Politics of Orthography and Grammar
Contracting Colonialism: English, Bureaucracy, and Political Theory in Independent Schooling
Wordy Women: Gender Trouble and Oral Politics in the East African Revival
Writing in Revolution: Bureaucracy, Unity, and Sovereignty in Mau Mau
Ngugi's Compositions in Gikuyu
Conclusion: Writing and the Work of Imagination