The K-5 Explorations in Nonfiction Writing Series Bundle by Linda Hoyt, Anthony Stead - Heinemann Publishing
The K-5 Explorations in Nonfiction Writing Series Bundle
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The K-5 Explorations in Nonfiction Writing Series Bundle

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* Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade K
Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade 1
Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade 2
Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade 3
Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade 4
* Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade 5

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The teacher modeled lessons start the immersion of my students as writers into what excites them as learners! To quote a visitor to our classroom Writer's Workshop, "To see the pride in even the most struggling writer's eyes is priceless." Thank you to Explorations! On a funny side note...I have bought several of the Exploration books because when parents who teach in other districts come to their child's parent teacher conference, they ask what I use to engage their child in writing. I've given three Explorations in Non Fiction Writing away so far this year!

–Denise Lukingbeal, Second Grade Teacher
Ellsworth Hill Elementary

Explorations in Nonfiction Writing provided me with a structured framework to encourage nonfiction writing across the curriculum. The step-by-step lessons are relevant, concise and easy to follow. Incorporating Explorations into my classroom helped me feel confident that I was meeting the expectations of the Common Core Standards as well as meeting the needs of all my students.

–Patty Montgomery, Third Grade Teacher
McDowell Elementary

Since we began using Explorations in Nonfiction Writing 3 years ago, I have seen a significant increase in the excitement and energy for nonfiction writing among our teachers and students. With Explorations’ focus on inquiry, research, and the craft of writing, the quality of student writing has increased year after year. Our students no longer just regurgitate facts, they careful plan and utilize strategies to make their nonfiction writing more interesting for the reader. Explorations provides support for teachers in teaching the features of effective writing through high quality modeled writing and the gradual release of responsibility--creating capacity for all teachers to be great writing teachers.

–April Willard, Literacy Curriculum Specialist
Liberty Drive Elementary

The lessons in Explorations in Nonfiction Writing equip both the writer and the reader for success by making the reading and writing connections explicit. Each lesson is easily adaptable to fit into every part of the instructional day making it a valued resource in writers workshop and across the curriculum.

–Elaine Shobert, Curriculum Coordinator
North Carolina

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