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Inside the Writer's-Reader's Notebook pack

A Workshop Essential

Linda Rief, Oyster River Middle School, New Hampshire

ISBN 978-0-325-01235-3 / 0-325-01235-0 / 2007 / 208pp / Bundle
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: 5th - 12th
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With the generosity, thoughtfulness, and practicality we have come to appreciate from this extraordinary classroom teacher, Linda gives us the structures and models we need to invite every student we teach to think and act as a reader, writer, and artist.

—Nancie Atwell

Many teachers wonder how to juggle a writer's notebook and a reader's response log. Linda Rief  ingeniously combines them both in the Writer's-Readers's Notebook. This veteran teacher truly walks the walk; she shows exactly how to make this powerful tool work in the classroom.

—Ralph Fletcher

 The Readers-Writers Notebook is THE tool for all those concerned with adolescents and literacy.

—Teri Lesesne

Author of Naked Reading

The Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook is the most essential learning and teaching tool in Linda Rief’s classroom. More than an empty journal, it’s a highly structured, specifically designed place where all students (English language learners, those with learning differences, girls and boys) connect reading, writing, and thinking. It’s also where Linda can observe and encourage their learning. Now, in Inside the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook,Linda shows you how this key resource in her English/language arts workshop has the power to help learners develop into articulate, literate citizens of the world.


In Inside the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook Linda guides you through the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook: what’s in it, why it’s in there, and how to use it effectively with your students. She shows you how to use it to assess what students know, how they think, and how they can express themselves as writers and readers. Inside the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook includes:

  • descriptions of the reading and writing minilessons that Linda uses to get kids thinking in the notebook
  • ideas for further invitations that engage adolescents in writing, reading, and drawing
  • specific ways to use the lists and tools that are printed right in the Notebook
  • dozens of reproducible examples of notebook pages by Linda’s students that show the Notebook’s multiple uses and that will help inspire your own students’ writing and reading
  • an annotated list of professional titles that will help further your knowledge of Notebooks and how to use them effectively in a variety of ways in your classroom.

 With a copy of the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook and vital insights into its effectiveness, Inside the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook includes everything you need to implement the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook in any class and to help students begin the journey toward more thoughtful, purposeful literacy experiences. Read it and see why the Notebook should be at the center of your teaching.

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I. How to Use the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

1. The Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

2. How This Writing-Reading Notebook Evolved

3. Keeping a Writing-Reading Notebook

4. The Shape, Materials, and Organization of the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

5. Variations with the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

6. Evaluation and Written Response

7. The Importance of the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

8. In Conclusion

II. Student Notebook Samples

Appendix: Classroom Examples


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