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Primary Comprehension Toolkit

Language and Lessons for K-2

Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

SeriesThis product is part of the series: The Comprehension Toolkit Series

ISBN 978-0-325-00997-1 / 0-325-00997-X / 2008 / 640pp / Bundle
Imprint: FirstHand
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Grade Level: K - 2nd
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For a comprehensive overview of the Comprehension Toolkit series including sample lessons, a new Summer School Literacy Guide, free nonfiction short texts in Spanish (K-2), lists of alternative texts, teacher feedback , and presentation materials  visit http://www.comprehensiontoolkit.com

Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have adapted the strategy instruction made famous in Strategies That Work and The Comprehension Toolkit to meet the developmental needs of our youngest readers. The Primary Comprehension Toolkit launches students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 into the exciting world of nonfiction reading, writing, and thinking.

* Instruction centers on 22 lessons in six books, each organized around a fundamental comprehension strategy.
* Lessons are designed for instruction with large groups, small groups, guided reading, and individual conferences.
* Three half-hour classroom videos show the authors teaching lessons.
* Students acquire tools for reading, writing, and thinking in Science and Social Studies.

The components include 6 strategy books, a teacher’s guide, a DVD-ROM of electronic resources, a source book of short text, and a lesson text poster pack.

Learn more about the Comprehension Toolkit series at ComprehensionToolkit.com

The Comprehension Toolkit series helps you teach nonfiction reading strategies in a variety of instructional settings.
Whole-Group Instruction
Grades K-2:
The Primary Comprehension Toolkit
Grades K-2: The Primary Comprehension Toolkit Bundle (includes Trade Book Pack)
Grades 3-6:
The Comprehension Toolkit
Grades 3-6: The Comprehension Toolkit Bundle (includes Trade Book Pack)
Small-Group Instruction
Grades K-2:
Small-Group Lessons for The Primary Comprehension Toolkit
Grades 3-6: Small-Group Lessons for The Comprehension Toolkit
Short Nonfiction for Guided Reading and Independent Practice
Grades PreK-1:
Toolkit Texts
Grades 2-3: Toolkit Texts
Grades 4-5: Toolkit Texts
Grades 6-7: Toolkit Texts
ELL Support
Grades K-2:
Scaffolding The Primary Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners
Grades 3-5: Scaffolding The Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners
Staff Development
Staff Development with The Comprehension Toolkits
Resources for PLCs
Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms DVD
Inquiry Circles in Middle and High School Classrooms DVD

Save with Teacher Packs 
The Primary Comprehension Toolkit Teacher Pack
The Comprehension Toolkit Teacher Pack


STRATEGY BOOKS: Stephanie and Anne have organized the 22 strategy lessons in The Primary Comprehension Toolkit into six strategy books.

1. Monitor Comprehension encourages students to think about their thinking as they respond to the words, pictures, and ideas in a text.

2. Activate & Connect teaches young readers how to build knowledge and understanding by connecting the new to the known.

3. Ask Questions shows children how to use questions to deepen thinking and discover new information.

4. Infer & Visualize prompts young readers to create pictures in their minds and use clues in the text to construct meaning.

5. Determine Importance helps children identify, organize, and share the important ideas and details in a text.

6. Summarize & Synthesize guides readers to see the bigger picture, pull together their thinking, and learn about the world.


INFORMATIONAL TEXT: The short, engaging, real-world informational texts Anne and Stephanie have chosen for the Primary Toolkit provide effective contexts for exploring comprehension strategies.

The Lesson Text Poster Pack, 6 posters from popular children’s magazines and an issue of National Geographic Young Explorer, provide high-quality opportunities to engage with nonfiction texts from multiple access points.

The Source Book of Short Text provides two kinds of nonfiction text: Lesson Text, the exemplar text from the lessons (48 pages); and Additional Text, 88 pages of age-appropriate nonfiction texts specially written for the Primary Toolkit.


BUILT-IN PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: A series of resources introduce, support, and extend the Primary Toolkit’s core lessons.

The Teacher’s Guide outlines the thinking behind the Primary Toolkit and describes its components, instructional design, and authentic assessment.

The Resources for The Primary Comprehension Toolkit DVD-ROM includes live-from-the classroom video footage of the authors teaching lessons; a photographic overview of an Active Literacy Classroom; and downloadable research articles, think sheets, and full-color lesson text.

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