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Writing to Be Read

Writing to Be Read

Writing to Be Read is the high school version of Telling Writing. This third edition reaffirms Ken Macrorie's continuing commitment to young writers, as well as the perennial popularity of Writing to Be Read. Like all fine teachers, Macrorie has remained a student of his subject, and this book is informed by fresh classroom discoveries.

The book embodies a carefully articulated writing course that gives students the freedom to find their voices and let their subjects find them.

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The Language in You
2. Writing Freely
3. What Is Good Writing?
4. Tightening
5. Deceiving Oneself
6. People Talking
7. Fabulous Realities
8. Writing Case Histories
9. Repeating
10. The Helping Circle
11. Remembering Childhood
12. Sharpening
13. Creating Form
14. Playing with Words
15. Your Subject Choosing You
16. Keeping a Journal
17. Writing Secondhand
18. Controlling Sound
19. Writing Reports
20. Writing Poems
21. "Tell Me Something" Interviews
22. The Order of Words
23. Observing Conventions