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James Fredricksen

Jim Fredricksen is coauthor with Jeffrey Wilhelm and Michael Smith of Get It Done!; Oh, Yeah?!; and So, What’s the Story?. He has spent his career listening to and learning from his students about the choices they make—as young people, as athletes, as members of their communities, and especially as readers and as writers. This began in Fairfield, Ohio, and then in his hometown of St. Charles, Illinois where he taught middle school students and coached both middle and high school student athletes. More recently, he has worked with pre-service and in-service teachers in making their pedagogical decisions visible to themselves and to others—first at Michigan State University and currently at Boise State University, the Boise State Writing Project, and the National Writing Project. Jim’s interest in helping people pursue their own interests—and in listening to the choices people make in pursuing those interests—reflect Jim’s belief in the power of curiosity and creativity, in the pleasure that can be found in uncertainty, and the hope that comes from learning with others.


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