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The Teacher Tip

Mapping Time for Teaching Routines and Procedures

September 3, 2018

Adapted from Take Charge of Your Teaching Evaluation by Jennifer Ansbach. 

Start thinking through what you need to accomplish early in the year to get students ready for your units. This part of the planning reaps dividends on your evaluation. First, plan those early days to get to know students; interest and content inventories, baseline assessments of skills, and simple team-building activities help your planning and establish both a learning culture and a community in your classroom. 

Revisit your notes about unpacking the evaluation rubric, this time with an eye to what students need to be doing. This points the way for the skills you need to teach early in the year. For example, if the evaluation rubric says that students need to be able to explain the classroom routines and procedures, then you need to be certain that you teach them and arrange the classroom to facilitate the automatic use of those routines and procedures. Having clear procedures and routines for signing out devices, retrieving lab equipment, cleaning up supplies, and other such necessities requires time for teaching those procedures to students and time for practicing so they can do it smoothly. 

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