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Gather Student Feedback on Digital Bulletin Boards

June 7, 2018

Adapted from Amplify by Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke.


We use a variety of simple-to-access, digital collaborative spaces to gather feedback from students, respond to student work, or provide information and site links. Like corkboards, chart paper, and sticky notes that make thinking visible, these digital collaborative spaces invite all students to view, respond, and interact.


Try this:

  • If you have only a few devices, set up your digital board and leave it displayed and ready. Have students visit during the workshop to share their thinking about a current read-aloud or how they applied the day’s mini-lesson. This is a great way to engage them in reflection and works as a formative assessment piece for you.
  • Set up a number of walls by genre or category. Students can leave book reviews on the appropriate wall, as well as get suggestions for books to read. Padlet walls support images, 23 videos, and links. You can also generate QR codes that can be scanned on devices and which will take students directly to the site.


There are other good tools available, but Padlet is excellent because it has a number of options, is accessible from numerous devices, provides a personalized URL, and saves all bulletin boards in a single account. It’s a wonderful tool for gathering feedback from students; teachers use it to pull together final thoughts about a lesson or to share lingering questions. It’s quick to set up and easy for students to access and thus the perfect tool for impromptu lessons and data collection.

To learn more about Amplify by Katie Mutharis and Kristin Ziemke, and to download a sample chapter, please click here.

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