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Understanding Texts & Readers
Responsive Comprehension Instruction with Leveled Texts
Jennifer Serravallo
Grade: 1st - 8th
Pub Date: 8/30/2018

“Goals help guide my thinking about reader’s skills within each level of text complexity, and a leveling system helps my understanding of readers’ development from level to level.”

—Jennifer Serravallo

 Understanding Texts & Readers makes comprehension make sense. In it, Jennifer Serravallo narrows the distance... more

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On the Podcast: Deep Comprehension and Digital Texts with Jennifer Serravallo and Dr. Maryanne Wolf

We thought it would be amazing to hear Jen, the author of Complete Comprehension and Understanding Texts and Readers interview Maryanne Wolf about the work in her book Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World published by Harper.... more
Understanding Texts & Readers Podcast with Jennifer Serravallo

In Understanding Texts & Readers New York Times Best-Selling author author Jennifer Serravallo narrows the distance between assessment and instruction.... more
Your First Look at Understanding Texts & Readers

Understanding Texts & Readers works in conjunction with The Reading Strategies Book, and helps you connect comprehension goals to text levels and reading responses.... more
How Does Understanding Texts and Readers Support Goal Setting and Strategy Selection?

In this video blog, Jen explains how Understanding Texts and Readers helps teachers set goals for readers and shows how to best select strategies to support those goals.... more
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