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The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Digital Edition (eBook)

A Tool for Assessment, Planning and Teaching PreK-8

By Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

There has never been a more comprehensive resource available to teachers that does what the continuum does - provide specific behaviors and understandings that are required at each level for students to demonstrate thinking within, beyond, and about the text. These behaviors and understandings describe what students will be expected to do in order to effectively read and understand the text.


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Full Description

What can change the landscape of literacy education in every classroom? 

The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Digital Edition! 

The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Digital Edition is the newest edition from best-selling literacy authors and educators, Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. This digital edition is designed to duplicate the layout and pagination of the print edition, allowing you to easily switch back and forth between the print and digital versions using the same page references. In addition to the regular page-by-page navigation features of an eBook, The Literacy Continuum, Digital Edition includes a:

  • easy-to-use navigation bar for efficient movement between and within continua
  • custom bookmarks for quick and frequent reference
  • highlight and notes features to emphasize your key points.

More in-depth, more intuitive, and more essential than ever—The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Digital Edition enables teachers to construct a common vision for student achievement that effectively and efficiently engages all students in the robust, authentic and meaningful literacy learning every child deserves.  The Literacy Continuum provides a way to look for specific evidence of learning from prekindergarten through grade eight, and across eight instructional contexts. Each instructional context contributes substantially, in different but complementary ways, to students’ development of the literacy process. With this indispensable literacy tool, Fountas and Pinnell remind you of The Literacy Continuum’s critical role in transforming literacy teaching and learning. 

(Re)Discover The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum to:

  • elevate your language and literacy expertise
  • develop an understanding of the demands of texts on readers
  • build your understanding of the reading and writing process and how it changes over time
  • hone your observation of students’ literacy behaviors
  • teach toward student integration of the Systems of Strategic Actions
  • articulate the literacy curriculum within and across grade levels
  • activate the responsive teaching that meets students where they are and brings them forward with intention and precision
  • build professional learning opportunities with colleagues
  • create a common vision and common language for literacy in your school.

Look for these new enhancements inside:

  • streamlined organization
  • expanded behaviors and examples across the continua
  • first appearance of a behavior or goal or text characteristic is indicated by a red square (Behaviors are acquired and then elaborated over time)
  • clear organization of and explicit references to the Systems of Strategic Actions
  • four-color design for clarity and focus.

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