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Seminar ImageSmart Conversations That Move Young Writers Forward

Developed by Carl Anderson
Based on the PD resource, Strategic Writing Conferences: Smart Conversations that Move Young Writers Forward
Recommended Grade Level: Grades 3-6

The most powerful way to teach students to be better writers is to sit beside them and confer with them as they write. (Carl Anderson, 2009)

This seminar will provide teachers with the tools they need to decide what strategies to teach a young writer, and how to teach these strategies in the "writing conference". Discover and practice the two essential parts of a writing conference: Identifying an area of need in a student's writing, and teaching the student a writing strategy to help them grow as a writer. Teachers will learn how to use Carl Anderson's Strategic Writing Conferences collection of over 100 conferences and his 2 DVD's as a scaffold for their own teaching. This seminar will help you acquire the skills to conduct focused and effective writing conferences that allow teachers to truly differentiate writing instruction, and students to become powerful writers.

Course goals:

  • Recognize common areas of need for writers using a diagnostic guide: finding topics to write about, writing a focused draft, use of punctuation, writing for an audience, and effective revising.
  • Learn how to use model texts in writing conferences.
  • Apply effective record keeping during the conference that focuses on who that student is becoming as a writer, and not their writing.
  • Identify a writing strategy or craft technique to help the student grow as a writer.
  • Develop your skills in being strategic and effective in the most important part of the writers' workshop, "the writing conference".

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.

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