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Custom Professional Development

PD that Responds to Need and Transforms Practice

Heinemann knows that schools, the teachers and administrators that make them up, are as different as the students and communities they serve. That's why virtually every professional development partnership Heinemann has with schools and districts across the country, and around the world, is unique.

When you choose Heinemann as your PD partner, our team, authors, and consultants collaborate with you in planning and implementing a custom-designed and delivered plan. You benefit from a combination of superior resources—professional books, classroom materials, DVDs, and consulting—to manifest the vision you have for transforming your classroom instruction.

Think of the services described throughout the Heinemann PD website as building blocks, or even a springboard, and call us to dream your PD plans out loud. Here's what you can expect when you contact us:

How Custom Plans Start
  1. The Heinemann PD team first listens to understand your broader goals with an aim to design a targeted PD approach to meet your immediate and long-term needs.
  2. We evaluate your needs and tap into the knowledge and experience of expert authors and author-trained consultants to develop a plan for your review.
  3. Our plan includes recommendations for professional development that help to meet standards and build teachers' and administrators' capacity over time, using a combination of professional print and DVD resources, as well as face-to-face and online consulting support.
The Kinds of Support Custom Plans Provide
  • Asset mapping that helps identify your faculty's strengths as a starting point for further professional growth
  • On-site (school-based), custom-tailored seminars designed to launch a study of a particular Heinemann foundation text, on a topic of high interest to faculty, with the aim to deepen teachers' knowledge and understanding
  • Classroom-based demonstration lessons that model the language, routines, and moves your teachers seek to understand and emulate
  • Classroom observations by expert authors and consultants who can help identify both areas of strength and opportunities for growth, as well as help fine-tune teacher practice
  • Collaborative analysis of student work, where our authors or consultants show how formative assessment data can be used to inform instruction
  • Online support, in the form of webinars, video conferencing and on-demand courses, that aims to sustain and extend professional learning over time
Common Areas of Focus for Custom Plans
  • Addressing Common Core State Standards in reading/writing workshop classrooms
  • Developing a common language for and understanding of the reading process
  • Launching, renewing, or refining your reading workshop
  • Developing a common language for and understanding of the writing process
  • Launching, renewing, or refining your writing workshop
  • Understanding the continuum of literacy learning and how reading and writing develop over time
  • Implementing small-group instruction
  • Using formative assessment to guide instructional decision making
  • Implementing lab or demonstration classrooms as a tool for ongoing professional growth and development
  • Building a repertoire of strategies for differentiating instruction
  • Reading and writing in the content areas

Review Custom PD Project Samples and Summaries