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Gianna Cassetta, Consulting Author

Gianna Cassetta, Consulting Author

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Speaking Topics

  • Cultivating adult social and emotional competency development: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management
  • Creating learning environments guided by both policy and practice that support equitable implementation of social and emotional learning for students
  • Embedding social and emotional skills and competencies into curriculum
  • Establishing communities that foster relationships, competence, and autonomy
  • Leadership development and capacity building

Speaker Profile

Gianna Cassetta is coauthor of three Heinemann books, Classroom Management Matters: The Social and Emotional Learning Approach That Children Deserve; No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices; and, The Caring Teacher: Strategies for Working Through Your Own Difficulties with Students.

She is also the author of a professional text entitled Literacy Centers: a Standards Based Approach for Grades 3 and Beyond, and she is featured in instructional videos on effective literacy practices, including Step into Guided Reading.

Gianna began her teaching career in 1992 in District 2 in New York City, where she developed expertise in workshop instruction and in balanced literacy, and became a National Board Certified Teacher Her passion for education led her to co-found and lead public, charter conversion, and charter schools in Harlem, New York, and in Denver, Colorado. Gianna has been a teacher, coach, school leader, district level leader and independent consultant. She is a Goleman EI Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Follow Gianna on Twitter @Gianna_Cassetta

Grades: K–8