Professional Development by Georgia Heard

Georgia Heard, Consulting Author

Georgia Heard

Product Type: Speaker
Grade: K-8

Speaking Topics Weave poetry throughout your entire year: Teach young people to care about the sounds of language, the power of imagery, and to know the joy of falling headlong in love with words, K–12 Looking... more

Reading and Writing Nonfiction: Meeting the Common Core State Standards in Grades K-3 - 3:00pm-4:15pm EST (Starting Dec. 6, 2011)

Georgia Heard

Product Type: webinar
Grade: K-3

Webinar Dates:Four, 75 minute webinar sessions from 3:00pm–4:15pm Eastern Standard Time.Tuesday, December 6, 2011Wednesday, December 7, 2011Wednesday, December 14, 2011Thursday, December 15, 2011Please note that these webinars are all scheduled on Eastern Standard Time. If you are in a different time zone, please plan your... more

Teaching Revision Techniques

Georgia Heard

Product Type: Seminar
Grade: 2nd - 8th

"How can I get my students to revise?" is one of the most frequently asked questions by teachers of writing. The key is to teach specific revision strategies that will enable students to re-see and re-shape their writing on multiple levels. Using three main revision toolboxes—words, structure, and voice—this seminar offers... more