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Being Good

Steven Wolk

Pub Date: 10/7/2002
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 4th - 8th

There's a certain irony that adults are clamoring for character education in our classrooms when they themselves bear responsibility for actions ranging from war, pollution, and racist speech to failing to use their turn signal. The increasing emphasis of civic leaders and policymakers on teaching for character and morality has... more

A Democratic Classroom

Steven Wolk

Pub Date: 8/31/1998
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 2nd - 8th

This is a powerful study in creating a democratic classroom, seen through the eyes of a sensitive, reflective teacher.—Knowledge QuestA Democratic Classroom is Steven Wolk's vision of a classroom that nurtures meaningful literacy and democracy. Like John Dewey, Wolk believes that democracy is a way of life that embraces the... more

Awards for Steven'S Work:

NCTE James Britton Research Award
We're pleased to announce that Steven Wolk won the NCTE James Britton Research Award for the book: "A Democratic Classroom"