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Yetta Goodman , Gretchen Owocki

Pub Date: 8/1/2002 1
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 3rd

This smart, practical guidebook shows preschool, kindergarten, and primary teachers how to refine their literacy evaluation practices through careful kidwatching. By observing and recording children's literacy development, teachers also develop new understandings of the ways children think and learn. Ultimately, through kidwatching,... more

The Whole Language Evaluation Book

Ken Goodman , Yetta Goodman , Wendy Hood

Pub Date: 11/11/1988
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 5th

How do whole language teachers evaluate their students? How can evaluation fit the principles and requirements of whole language? How can evaluation help whole language teachers learn more about their students? How can evaluation be made an integral part of the whole language program? Contributors to this book... more